Swapping Out Habits Rather Than Eliminating Them

Jan 5, 2024

Making meaningful use of our time in the evenings isn't always easy. After a long day at the office, it's easy to give in to the "deep YouTube hole" temptation and watch videos after videos. Instead of trying to break these unsatisfying behaviors, why not try to replace them with ones that bring us more joy?

myself have struggled with the temptation of mindless scrolling and the promise of rapid reward in the digital realm. Instagram, YouTube, and the rest of the time-wasting apps have been removed from my device in an effort to regain some control over my schedule. Unfortunately, the gap is immediately supplied by yet another, frequently comparable, diversion, as any individual who has attempted this will attest. Out of nowhere, Twitter takes over as my go-to, offering a slightly different take on the same pattern.

When I shifted my focus from removing to replacing, I was able to solve the problem. Rather than attempting to eliminate these behaviors entirely, I looked for satisfying things to do in their place. An example of a game-changer is starting a walk after dinner; this little alteration to my routine eliminated the need for my normal YouTube session. Instead, I got a little exercise and a peaceful break, both of which were healing.

Think about the strength of replacement as you're adapting to new circumstances, whether it's a seasonal contemplation or a reaction to a desire for self-improvement. With just one little adjustment to your routine, you may turn your nights into a time of rejuvenation rather than sedentary consumption. Inspiring you to live with greater purpose in your own life, may this simple realization serve as a springboard.

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